On taking life less seriously

We have all the basic tenants of a happy life. So why do we get so uptight about things?

If you’re anything like me, you spend a really absurd amount of time in your week feeling anxious or frustrated or burdened by things that just don’t matter all that much. Or at all.

When you press the zoom out button on your life, a lot of what weighs on you on Monday is irrelevant by Friday. By the end of the month you probably won’t even remember why you were so serious and intense a few short weeks back.

Sometimes big things DO go down, and when they do, we should respond appropriately.

But that’s not what I’m talking about. I’m talking about when life is pretty good and we’re floating along in that good part. I’m talking about when we have all the basic tenants of a happy life: We’re safe and healthy. We have comfortable shelter and enough to eat. We have people we care for and who care about us. We have the financial security and available time to read yoga blogs. There is ease and sweetness in abundance in our lives.

Baby S. does not take life too seriously. She just giggles. All. The. Time.

So how do we live with more ease and less consternation? How do we take life less seriously? How can we let go of the little meaningless anxieties, fears, and frustrations? How can we laugh off the moments of annoyance?

I don’t know really.

Maybe the first step is just to remember we have it good.

Maybe the second step is to remember that not much matters.

The last step always for me is to go to my mat. Move and breathe.

In my classes this week, I read a poem by the Sufi mystic poet Hafiz. Enjoy.



What is the difference

Between your experience of existence

And that of a saint?

The saint knows

That the spiritual path

Is a sublime chess game with God

And that the beloved

Has just made such a fantastic move

That the saint is now continually

Tripping over joy

And bursting out in laughter

And saying, “I surrender!”

Whereas, my dear,

I am afraid you still think

You have a thousand serious moves.